honmax 30 Different Intervals Water Resist Interval Watch - 3D Pedometer-BLK/Green

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①mode, 2 different intervals
②mode, 3 to 30 different intervals
③mode, Stopwatch
④modes, clock; Displays hour, minute, second, month, day and week with 2 groups alarm feature. 3D pedometer

💦Used for running marathons (Galloway walk run method). Training for a marathon and was having a hard time pacing myself. I can set this to let me know when to walk and when to run. Most other training apps started out at too fast of a pace for beginners. It would give you set intervals so you could run the walk or run in order to keep pace and timing. Avoid injury.

💦I use it for interval training for fitness. When I use it, its vibration intensity is just right -- not startling me or failing to alert me. The beep is loud enough to use this tool while loud music is playing. it has both vibrate and sound alarms and both at same time. I are more efficient with my time at the gym. I also use it at the office to make sure i get up from my chair every 30 minutes for better health. It also forces me to focus on my task at hand and work faster to beat the next interval! Try it for more productivity at work, the gym and at play! Unlike using your phone for a timer, there's no chance that you will be distracted by a text or email. Keeps me focussed.

💦It to help keep children on track. It to help keep on track if schedules of internal schedules of reinforcement -- these take much of the thinking out of the task!

💦Watch is easy to set, start, track, and stop (if you don't want to hear beeps of your session, push 1 times “Down“ button, or you want to pause, push 1 times “STOP” button)